My body is so used to the early mornings now that I wake up when the sun comes out. Most everyone is still asleep or in bed so I sit outside in the mild morning air, listen to some tunes and just watch the clouds roll and lift for a time. I will miss these views so I want to soak them up while I still can.

This morning’s walk to Lukla is fairly steadily downhill. It’s interesting to see people on their first days and remember how hopeful we all were. That was us not so long ago!

We have lunch at Sanchaman’s teahouse and meet his wife and 4 year old son. I sit and watch in the kitchen as the family flies around the room preparing lunch.

Sanchaman doing prep work

Rustic stove

This is true paddock to plate as all the produce is grown here and Sanchaman’s wife dashes outside to pick vegetables and herbs she needs for each dish.

Mrs Sanchaman

There is something I find so wonderfully grounding about watching people cooking. Especially in foreign countries. My own love of food and cooking means that I find kitchens to be places where the heartbeat of a family is.

Prem even steps in and helps make momos.

Making momos

The food is delicious in the way that fresh food made with love can only be.

We bid goodbye to our gracious hosts and continue on the final stretch back to Lukla.

With the final bit of hiking behind us, we are all happy to be back where it all began a fortnight ago.

That night, we have dinner with all our guides and porters and the evening is filled with drinks, music and dancing as we all reflect on the wonderful achievement we have all accomplished.

I’ve had an experience of a lifetime and will always look back fondly on this journey. My mountain family and I have shared in something special that will not soon be forgotten. Everest Basecamp has given just a small glimpse into how remarkable Nepal is and I am already making plans to return.

Dhanyabad for the memories!

Big success!

Start: Monjo (2860m amsl)
Finish: Lukla (2840m amsl)

Everest Basecamp – day by day


8 thoughts on “EVEREST BASECAMP Day 13 – Lukla

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