Now that we are lower down the mountain, I get an excellent night’s sleep and I’m ready to set off this misty morning down the mountain back towards Namche Bazaar. We are well and truly back on the main trail now and it’s admittedly a little overwhelming to see all these people again.

It is the tail end of the season so as we descend, we see the final groups heading for Basecamp. Having done it means we can all be a little smug as we recall how we felt those first few days – which seem like so long ago!

The steep hills are so much easier to tackle now that there is more oxygen in the air. They are still hard work, but they don’t leave you gasping for breath the way you have to at higher altitudes.

Familiar paths and sights lead us to Namche Bazaar where we stop off for lunch. I purchase some souvenirs here and start the haggling process with vendors. I quickly realise that after some mental conversions, I’m haggling over the difference of a dollar or so and I just end up paying the asking price.

Weekly market at Namche Bazaar

Everyone in the group is feeling better by the time we exit Sagarmartha National Park and arrive at our destination in Monjo.

That night, I get to try “roxie” a local gin/moonshine. Despite smelling like pure gasoline, it tasted surprisingly OK with no harsh aftertaste. When in Rome, right?

Start: Tengboche (3840m amsl)
Finish: Monjo (2860m amsl)

Everest Basecamp – day by day


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