EVEREST BASECAMP Day 11 – Tengboche

This morning, it seems that quite a few members of our group have succombed to the “Khombu Cough”. When the ice from the surrounding glaciers melt, it releases a lot of dirt and particulates into the air, which hikers then breathe in. I seem to have avoided it and feel quite well rested given I actually got some decent sleep throughout the night.

I’m feeling up to eating again so all is well in my world!

Today is only about 4 hours of hiking and for the most part, it’s a beautiful hike through the mountains as we walk through rhododendron gardens and stunning mountain views.

Ama Dablam watching over us

The final portion of today’s hike is difficult as we hike up to Tengboche Monastery. It’s challenging but worth it in the end.

At the monastery, I got to witness the monk’s meditation session (some were even yawning which was amusing) and I shared a wonderful slice of lemon meringue pie with Kirsty at the only bakery in town. It’s a small thing, but this slice of baked wonder was an absolute luxury after all the rice and noodles of the past week.

Start: Orsho (4040m amsl)
Finish: Tengboche (3840m amsl)

Everest Basecamp – day by day


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