The nausea I’m feeling worsens. There is an optional trek up to Kala Pathar for some reputedly amazing views early this morning but during the night, I decided I wouldn’t be doing it. When I wake up at 5am and look outside though, the sky is so clear that I know I have to bite the bullet and head out.

After slogging it out for about 30 minutes, I am above the clouds and the views are already quite stunning.

En route to Kala Pathar

However, my head is throbbing and my stomach is churning. My body is screaming for me to go down in altitude, not up! I head back down and attempt some fitful sleep before the big day of hiking ahead.

I still can’t stomach any food at breakfast, but I am comforted by the fact that with every step I descend, my symptoms will alleviate. I’ve been here before!

The rest of the day is a bit hazy. I remember managing a hot chocolate at lunch break and slogging through the Thukla Pass again. There is a lot of uphill as well as downhill and it’s just a long, long day.

We hike through Periche and see some baby yaks. I’m not sure if it’s the cute animals or the decrease in altitude, but I realise that my headache has subsided a little and I’m not on the verge of throwing up with every step.

By the time we arrive at our destination in Orsho, we have descended almost 1000m and I’m feeling almost human again. We meet back up with Emily and Sarah. We are glad to be re-united with our friends.

Start: Gorek Shep (5140m amsl)
Finish: Orsho (4040m amsl)

Everest Basecamp – day by day


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