EVEREST BASECAMP: Day 7 – Dingboche

During the early hours of the morning, there is a lot of shuffling in the corridors. Around 6:30am, Prem bangs on the door and tells us to come out and say goodbye to our group member Caroline. She has taken a turn during the night with breathing complications and has to be helicoptered down to a Kathmandu.

Caroline seemed OK and dinner time so we are all a little surprised at how quickly her condition must have deteriorated – but it just goes to show how quickly AMS can settle in. It’s sad to see her go, but we know she is being taken care of.

We are staying an additional night here in Dingboche so that we can have an acclimation day here. Our acclimation hike takes us about another 300m higher up in elevation before we descend again. It’s a windy day but the skies are mostly clear so we have a great view of the surrounding mountains.

The acclimation hike has it’s challenging moments but once again, regular stops and a steady pace allows us all to catch our breaths when needed.

 Start: Dingboche (4410m amsl)
 Finish: Dingboche (4410m amsl)

Everest Basecamp – day by day


8 thoughts on “EVEREST BASECAMP: Day 7 – Dingboche

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