This morning, I take myself to the nearby New Orleans Cafe for breakfast. I meet the first of the amazingly friendly and kind Nepalese people. A simple “namaste” opens up conversation.

Rama happily sits and chats with me, telling me about his life in Kathmandu and showing me pictures of his friends and family. He is also an avid photographer so he has fun playing with my camera. After I eat, Rama gives me a hug and wishes me luck on my journey.

Thamel is a fairly touristy area but a few minutes walk leads you out of that chaos and into where people live and work.


Whilst admiring a stupa I say “namaste” to a guy walking past and ask him for directions. He’s quite happy to have a chat and I learn his name is Surendra and he’s a student studying sociology. He’s friendly and says he has no plans for the morning so he’s happy to show me around his town.

We visit Durbar Square, which is a shadow of its former pre-2015-earthquake self.

Durbar square

Durbar square

Surendra takes me around and shows me various stupas and temples.

Surendra tells me about the Monkey Temple which is a cab ride away. He deftly negotiates cab fare and even goes as far as yelling at a cab driver trying to rip me off.

Arriving at the Monkey Temple, you immediately see why it’s called that.

Chimpanzee that!

Monkey temple

Surendra and I head back to Thamel for lunch and I learn more about my new friend.

Surendra, delicious dhal baat and Everest beer

I bid farewell to Surendra and head back to the Kathmandu Guest House.

Having had great experiences with Intrepid before, I’m joining up with an Intrepid group for this trip. They use a local company called Himalayan Encounters which has a good reputation.

This afternoon, I meet Prem, our guide for the trip. I also meet the rest of my group. All up there are 11 of us, 3 Aussies, 1 Kiwi and 7 Brits. The Commonwealth is well represented.

We go out for a group dinner and I get to know the people I’ll be spending the next few weeks with. I’ve gotten a taste for momos now and I order 2 plates of them for dinner. The waiter asks me “Are you sure? That’s a lot of momos”. I nod enthusiastically and I guess the group get an insight into my love of food.

Everest Basecamp – day by day


2 thoughts on “EVEREST BASECAMP: DAY 1 – Kathmandu

  1. Hi CC, I just read your article and I was impressed by the way you write down your experiences. Thanks for sharing.

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