When we first met you, S wasn’t sure. You were the last of litter. The runt. Overly excitable and full of energy. But from the minute I met you it was game over. I was in love.


I soon came to realise just how ‘special’ you were. A more accident-prone dog I’d never met. Like the time you jumped off a 5 metre ledge and used your face as a landing pad.
Or the time you took on a cat… and lost.
Or the time you thought it would be a good idea to chase a herd of cattle.


It didn’t matter. We patched you up and you just kept on getting back up despite it all. You became a regular patient at the vet and everyone joked about how indestructible you were.

Along with Baxter, you took the world head-on (often literally) and never complained about anything.


Then, one day, after 9 years of adventures and mishaps, I found a malignant tumour on you. It was cancerous. It was removed, you started chemo and you carried on.


But then came the inevitable day when you couldn’t keep going anymore. You were in pain and you couldn’t do the things you loved anymore. You’d been through enough and I knew it was time I had to say goodbye to you.

I started to miss you before you were even gone. After almost a decade of having you by my side, sleeping at the foot of my bed, nuzzling me in the mornings and protecting me always, I know there will forever be a paw-shaped hole missing from my heart.

You were my best friend and I was honoured to be your human.

Rest now, Harvey.




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