THAILAND: Day 11 – Chiang Mai

This morning, we visit Talat Warorot, or ‘The Great Market’. It definitely lives up to it’s name because you can buy just about anything here. This is where most of the locals shop and prices are significantly cheaper than at other touristy markets.

Talat Warorot

Talat Warorot

Talat Warorot

Talat Warorot

We spend the morning shopping and wandering around the expansive market before heading over to Central Festival – a shopping mall with a cinema… and air conditioning!

We continue shopping and then decide to see Finding Dory at the IMAX cinema here.

I like going to the movies in other countries because it’s always a different experience to back home. We get blankets with our seats which is handy because they have cranked up the air-conditioning in this movie theatre.

During the movie trailers, a message pops up on the screen and everyone stands up to show respect to the king of Thailand. We continue to stand as a 2 minute video ode to the king plays, and then everyone sits back down as though this is a common occurance. Wow – that’s a new experience for sure!

S wants a straight razor shave and has discovered a super cool barber called The Cutler.

For dinner that night, we head back to the green curry lady. It was really THAT good!

The best thai green curry

The best thai green curry






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