LAOS: Day 9 – The Gibbon Experience/Thailand

We wake up again to the sound of gibbons. Our treehouse roomie, Ryan sees some gibbons but I was asleep. D’oh!

We have the morning to enjoy the ziplines before we head back into the village where we are picked up to go back to Houay Xai town. Bye gibbons!

Back at the offices of The Gibbon Experience, we are able to take a hot shower for the first time in days. Feeling refreshed, we are ready for the next adventure.

This afternoon, we’ll be crossing the border over to Thailand and spending the next week in Chiang Mai.

Noy comes to say goodbye to us and make sure our travel arrangements are in order. He really has been so helpful!

We cross the border and begin the 4.5 hour trip to Chiang Mai.

By the time we arrive it’s well into the night. We head to the Night Bazaar which is unfortunately only full of tacky touristy items. We find a place to scoff down some pad thai nearby and head back to our hotel.

Heading back, we walk down a street that is lined with seedy bars. Yuck. Not a great first impression.



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