LAOS: Day 5 – Pak Beng

We need to head up north to Houay Xai and the most common way of doing so is by slow boat along the Mekong River. It’s a 2 day journey and I’m not entirely sure what to expect. The boats are used by tourists and locals alike and makes regular stops along the way. Just like a river bus!

The seats are comfortable and the journey is smooth. It’s hard not to be relaxed when you are on an open boat, drifting along the Mekong while the countryside passes you by.

Locals on the boat

Locals on the boat

The boat driver and his family live on the boat and his two young daughters walk up and down the boat, playing with anyone who gives them a passing glance. They are adorable and definitely help to pass the day.

The cutest little girl

The cutest little girl

Local girl

Local girl

We pass by many villages and local children playing in the river.

It’s rare I am forced to just relax for an entire day so it was quite a treat to be able to just nap, read and catch up on podcasts for the day.

Bath time with the buffalo

Bath time with the buffalo

Some 10 hours after we have departed from Luang Prabang we arrive at our resting place for the night, Pak Beng. This small town basically caters to people stopping over for the night so there’s not much happening. We grab a bite in a local restaurant and call it a night.


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