CHALLENGE #4: Top Ten Sandwiches in Melbourne

After yesterday’s disappointing sandwich, I jumped on a tram and headed to the opposite end of the CBD to check out another sandwich on the Melbourne’s Top 10 sandwiches list.

Banh Mi – N.Lee Baker ($5.50)

I’ve eaten many banh mi (Vietnamese pork roll) in my time and I was pretty sure this would just be another one to add to the list. When I arrived, the huge line spilling out onto the street tipped me off that I might be mistaken. Although long, the queue moved fairly quickly as the staff efficiently filled lunch orders.

Banh Mi (Vietnamese pork roll)

It doesn’t look like much, but we all know how deceiving looks can be.

On first bite, I notice how delicious the bread is. A perfect baguette that was crunchy on the outside, but ever so soft on the inside. The pork cold cuts and the creamy pork-liver pate was delightful when paired with the crunch and crispness of the shredded carrots, onions, cucumber and coriander.

At $5.50, you definitely get bang you’ll get for your buck. This roll was simply delicious and one of the best banh mi I’ve ever had.

THE LIST: Top Ten Sandwiches in Melbourne
Meatball sandwich at Earl Canteen
Po Boy at My Mexican Cousin
Banh Mi at N. Lee
Chicken sandwich at Nineteen Squares
Breakfast sandwich at Fugazza
Pork belly sandwich at Martha Ray’s
Salmon sandwich at SMXL
Reuben sandwich at Beatrix
Toasted tuna sandwich at Café Vue
Roast chicken sandwich at Threefold


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