CHALLENGE #3: Top Ten Sandwiches in Melbourne

Continuing in the Melbourne’s Top 10 sandwiches challenge, today I checked out another place on the list.

Salmon sandwich – SMXL ($9.20)

I was immediately dubious because the sandwich was pre-made. I appreciate that they probably pre-make their most popular sandwiches for the lunch rush but it still made me raise an eyebrow.

Salmon Sandwich

Poached salmon and julienned snow-peas in this sandwich. Unfortunately, the salmon was pretty bland and I found myself wishing there were more snow peas, just to add a crunch and different texture to the sandwich. The snow-peas were so thinly sliced that they were lost in the salmon and I didn’t taste them at all. They also looked dry, suggesting they had been sitting out for a little while.

The saving grace for this sandwich was the bread, which was dense and had big tasty grains in it.

This wasn’t a bad sandwich as such, it just wasn’t a particularly special one. Perhaps I’d been spoilt by my previous awesome outings to Fugazza and Cafe Vue, but this sandwich left me feeling pretty disappointed.


THE LIST: Top Ten Sandwiches in Melbourne
Meatball sandwich at Earl Canteen
Po Boy at My Mexican Cousin
Banh Mi at N. Lee
Chicken sandwich at Nineteen Squares
Breakfast sandwich at Fugazza
Pork belly sandwich at Martha Ray’s
Salmon sandwich at SMXL
Reuben sandwich at Beatrix
Toasted tuna sandwich at Café Vue
Roast chicken sandwich at Threefold


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